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Aura Colours and Their Meanings


Aura Colours and Their Meanings

Your aura is an energy that surrounds you. The colour of your aura is reflective on a number of aspects that can include your thoughts and feelings.

At, our gifted clairvoyants and trusted psychics are capable of seeing the auras of those around them, including their own. By beginning to train yourself to see your own aura, you may notice that your colour is different from others. (more…)

Clairvoyance: What is it?

To be an effective psychic reader, most psychics boast an array of psychic abilities to help them offer accurate psychic readings time and again.

So what are these skills and how can you develop them in your own life? (more…)

What is a Clairvoyant?

While many people believe that everyone has some degree of psychic ability, this skill set can take a number of different forms. For some people, psychic ability manifests itself in the form of clairvoyance. Clairvoyant Readers have been giving people unique insight into their past, present and future for thousands of years in order to provide feelings of clarity, peace and happiness into their lives.


How can Meditation help me?


Meditation is an extremely common exercise that is practised globally. Not only can meditation reduce stress levels, blood pressure and general anxiety. Furthermore, meditation can help clear the mind and provide greater clarity that can help increase psychic abilities and spiritual health.

Many use meditation as a way to enhance their own psychic abilities and improve their communication with the spiritual world.

By sharpening focus and improving clarity, trusted psychics and gifted clairvoyants have found mediation to be a useful exercise. Looking for psychic protection? (more…)

How to see Your Auras

Your Aura

Everybody has an aura that is a subtle atmosphere of energy that surrounds you. Natural clairvoyants and trusted psychics are capable of seeing a persons’ aura naturally, however for others, it requires regular training to see your own aura.

The process to detect your aura and others around you is simpler than you think. If you’re looking to further develop your own psychic abilities, meditation is a great method to help focus your mind when it comes to practicing clairvoyance. (more…)

Understanding The Elements in Astrology

The Four Elements in Astrology and Their Meanings

Each zodiac sign belongs to a specific element that helps gives us a deeper understanding of Astrology.

With each element, we can further determine our positive traits and how to address negative ones. The four elements are tied with the ruling planet of your zodiac sign. Find out more. (more…)

Zodiac Signs and Understanding Your Ruling Planet

Your Zodiac Sign Has a Ruling Planet – What is Yours?

Astrology and horoscopes focus on studying the movement of the stars and planets in our solar systems. The meanings and definitions created have roots traced back to various Roman, Greek and Babylonian mythology.

Within astrology, each star sign has specific strengths, weaknesses and traits. The zodiac sign has a ruling planet is the source of our power and can help provide you with further information about yourself and personality. Understand your star sign personality. (more…)

Complete Astrological Insight Into Your Star Sign

Understand Your Personality with Astrology and Your Zodiac Sign

No two zodiac signs are the same. Each zodiac sign is defined by its unique star sign and offer a range of strengths and weaknesses.

At, our trusted team of gifted psychics are here to provide you with an overview of your zodiac sign. With our free daily horoscope, you can begin to understand yourself better with each passing day. What is a zodiac sign? (more…)

What Can a Horoscope Tell You?


First Steps in Astrology and Horoscopes

Horoscopes are an incredibly popular phenomenon that is followed globally. Astrology links planets to the 12 zodiac signs. Although horoscopes can be used to understand the near future, the main focus on horoscopes is to help define and explore you. (more…)

Single? No problem!

Being single is not a bad thing, no matter what you have been through, how old you are, or any other reasons you may have for being single! (more…)

Abilities: How can I develop my psychic abilities?

No matter how natural your psychic abilities may feel, they can always be worked on and refined. Our Psychic readers use the following methods to develop their psychic abilities. (more…)

Struggling to build your self esteem?

Is your self esteem in need of a boost? The ups and downs of life can really take their toll on a persons life. Life is like a rollercoaster- and our psychics have put together a few tips to help restore your confidence, no matter what the world throws your way. (more…)