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Struggling to build your self esteem?

Is your self esteem in need of a boost? The ups and downs of life can really take their toll on a persons life. Life is like a rollercoaster- and our psychics have put together a few tips to help restore your confidence, no matter what the world throws your way. (more…)

Feel worthy of Love: Understand your role

In our last blog we looked at how recognising our issues can help us love and feel loved again; similarly it is important for us to understand our roles. (more…)

Is your partner trustworthy?

Whether you and your partner have been together a day or for years, you may be wondering if they really are loyal and trustworthy. You want to make sure they are someone you can count on in your time of need. But how can you know if the one you love is also one you can trust? (more…)

Protect yourself

By opening up your spiritual body, you will become increasingly aware of what other people say or think about you. As well as feeling more sensitive and receptive to physical emotions of those around you, once you have started on your psychic path, you will start to pick up on various psychic energies – both positive and negative – and spirits. It is very important that you put up some spiritual safeguards in place before you start any psychic or mediumship work. (more…)

Love: Make time for each other!

One of the best ways to show someone that you love and care for them is by spending time with them. Time is one of the hardest things to give, which is why when we do, our love and gratitude in our relationships grows significantly. But in a life that is so busy and full of distractions, it is easy to lose track of our priorities! (more…)

How do I enhance my Psychic Abilities?

For centuries, Psychics have been using their skills to bless countless lives; but just like any other skill, psychic abilities can be strengthened and enhanced. If you are looking for ways to improve your psychic abilities, these simple steps can really help! (more…)

How can I get the most out of my psychic readings?

Psychic readings can be one of the most effective tools given to us to help guide us in every aspect of our lives. However you will only get out what you put into your psychic readings. It is important to prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually in order to get the most out of your psychic experience. (more…)

Is it time to say goodbye?

After spending weeks, months and especially years with someone, ending a relationship is never easy, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. So how do you know when its time to say goodbye? (more…)

Improve your relationship today!

Relationships are fun, exhilarating and exciting; for many of us however, time can cause these feelings to slowly evaporate over time. Before you do anything too drastic, here are three quick strategies to bring the fun and exhilaration back into your relationship. (more…)

Open up your heart and trust again

Unfortunately, trials and challenges are part of life! When we have been hurt-especially by those closest to us-it can make it very difficult for us to love and trust in others again. While you can’t always forget the hard times, you can learn and grow from them. So how can you trust again? (more…)