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Aura Colours and Their Meanings


Aura Colours and Their Meanings

Your aura is an energy that surrounds you. The colour of your aura is reflective on a number of aspects that can include your thoughts and feelings.

At, our gifted clairvoyants and trusted psychics are capable of seeing the auras of those around them, including their own. By beginning to train yourself to see your own aura, you may notice that your colour is different from others. (more…)

Clairvoyance: What is it?

To be an effective psychic reader, most psychics boast an array of psychic abilities to help them offer accurate psychic readings time and again.

So what are these skills and how can you develop them in your own life? (more…)

What is a Clairvoyant?

While many people believe that everyone has some degree of psychic ability, this skill set can take a number of different forms. For some people, psychic ability manifests itself in the form of clairvoyance. Clairvoyant Readers have been giving people unique insight into their past, present and future for thousands of years in order to provide feelings of clarity, peace and happiness into their lives.


London’s Haunted History

London's ghosts

With the vast, macabre history of London, it is no surprise that there are a number of buildings and areas that are the subject of paranormal mysteries

With infamous murders from serial killers such as Jack the Ripper to those executed in the Tower of London, London’s past is a hotbed for souls who were felled there.

There is a whole industry in London dedicated to touring haunted places with walking tours and bus tours to explore the world of the paranormal.

You can go on the tours offered but if you find yourself walking around London, you will find that every few pubs you come across have a story to tell about their building’s history and the ghosts that haunt them to this day.

Famous ghosts

Stories of Dick Turpin’s exploits as one of the most notorious Highwaymen of the 18th Century has seen his spirit linked with a number of places from London to York. Even though he died in York, ghost sightings of this particular character have been spotted throughout London in his various hideouts and drinking establishments.

Annie Chapman and Catherine Eddowes, two of the victims of Jack the Ripper, are said to still haunt the streets of London where they died.

Sir Walter Raleigh, originally considered a hero and supposed favourite of the monarchy, is one of the highest profile executions in the Tower of London having been charged with treason. His ghost has been spotted on numerous occasions by guards keeping watch over the tower at night.

Haunted locations

The Tower of London, the site of so many executions like this, is a place filled with a history of death. For over 800 years, it was used as a prison where people were often executed too. The fact that a huge building now stands mostly empty at night is enough to send chills down your spine. Spirituality.

Like the Tower of London, Epping Forest has a connection with death. A woodland so dense that it was a good spot to be used for many improper burials. Not only is it the site of a Dick Turpin hideout but it is also the site of Roman battles and where Norman invaders occupied.

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane has two particularly well-known ghost sightings. Joseph Grimaldi was a popular figure who performed as a clown for years even in ill health. His ghost has been seen there since but more disturbingly people have reported a disembodied floating head which ties into a story that he wished to be beheaded upon burial.

Another performer is a ghost simply known as The Man in Grey, often seen limping. As indicated by his title, not much is actually known about his story. Unlike most ghosts, this apparition is usually seen in the daytime wandering around the theatre before disappearing behind a wall.

Cemeteries are a common place for reported ghost sightings with Hyde Park and Highgate Cemetery being two of the main ones in London. To add to the intrigue, not only do people think Highgate Cemetery is haunted by a regular soul, some believe a vampire takes residence there.

Celebrities that use clairvoyants

Brad Pitt has been known to visit a clairvoyant although it has not been revealed what he uses a psychic to help him with.

Although we don’t know why he visits a psychic, there is plenty about the celebrity lifestyle which shows it is no surprise they turn to clairvoyance.

With fame and fortune comes high expectations, high standards, intense media scrutiny on the individual’s lifestyle and performances and their relationships, which are often not long in the world of celebrity.

Tiger Woods was thrust into the spotlight as his marriage broke down, affairs were exposed, his reputation and performances in golf declined rapidly so he saw a psychic to try and get his life back on track. He has recently returned to the pinnacle of the golfing world.


Sarah Jessica Parker has used psychics in the past to help them with her relationship.

Parker turned to a psychic in order for her relationship with husband Matthew Broderick to survive.  It is unclear what method was used but a tarot card reading would provide an insight to help her.

It would allow her to identify past relationships to find negative patterns which caused them to go wrong. It would also help to explore patterns in her current relationship to find ways to improve the relationship and keep it going.

This was back in 2010 so the fact that they are still together today speaks volumes for the psychic profession.

The briefness of celebrity marriages points to a regular pattern about the lifestyle which has an effect on relationships.

Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston and Cheryl have also sort advice from psychics on the fallout of past relationships as well as the state of their current relationships and the potential for future relationships.


Parker also went to see a psychic for advice on her career, namely if she should go ahead with the sequel to the first Sex and the City movie.

Chelsea Handler used a psychic for advice on taking her show Chelsea to Netflix.

When Stefani Germanotta was a small time musician looking for her big break, she consulted a psychic to learn what she was doing wrong, what she could do to improve her chances of success while trying to see what was in her future. It turns out that advice worked for the woman now known as Lady Gaga.

Miley Cyrus sought advice on how to present herself once she was done with Disney.

Rihanna uses a psychic to stay at the peak of her powers and stay in the spotlight.

While Taylor Swift didn’t seek out a psychic to help her achieve her dreams of becoming a famous musician, a chance meeting with a psychic correctly predicted her upcoming fame.

Coping with loss

Denise Richards and Angelina Jolie have used psychics to try and communicate with deceased relatives to help them deal with the loss of loved ones.

The most peculiar story though is George Clooney who wanted to communicate with a lost loved one, Max…..a pot-bellied pig he kept as a pet until it died.

While the circumstances may be different, celebrities deal with the same issues as regular people and all these issues can be explored and tackled by our own trusted psychics.


How to benefit from Crystal Healing

How to benefit from Crystal Healing

Crystals and the idea of Crystal Healing has been around since ancient times. Ancient cultures have long relied on them for their powers of healing and powers of protection and it is a belief that has survived to this day.

There are a number of crystals which serve different purposes but are all aimed at improving your life simply through the power of contact with these materials.

How does it work?

Crystal Healing can be used to improve your physical, mental and spiritual welfare.

Through careful placement on the body, crystals can be used to target points of pain. It is not just the physical pain of an injury, it can also remove the pain of headaches and migraines by redistributing the energy around your body.

Other crystals can lower stress levels or be used to focus your mind by increasing your concentration or your creativity levels.

You may find the crystals interact with your body’s energy, your chakra, and send signals through pulsations, raising or lowering the temperature of your body or simply instil a sense of calmness in you as they get to work.

What can Crystal Healing help me with?

Crystals can be used to heal physical pain by placing them on the affected areas but they work on a much larger scale to improve your well-being, solve problems and clear your mind.

Much like a meeting with a clairvoyant, there are a number of things that crystals can unlock in your mind, to help you see things more clearly in order to improve your life.

Remove negative energy

Healing crystals can release the negative energy from your body, the kind of energy that might cause self-doubt or anxiety as a result of careers and relationships among other things. This can also help to remove some unwanted bad habits you may find it hard to get rid of.

Negative energy associated with relationships can also be removed. Feelings of jealousy or resentment which can have an impact on the amount of affection you might show a loved one can be removed to ensure your relationship returns to a healthy state.

Insert positive energy

Pushing energy into the body can be achieved in order to focus on your life goals through increased concentration. You may find yourself thinking more clearly about what it is you want and how you can go about achieving it.

Crystals can also help to clear a mental block that might be restricting you creatively. A tarot card reading session with one of our trusted psychics might guide you towards exploring a creative outlet and crystals can help to get the creative juices flowing.

When using crystals, you should have an intention for what you want to achieve by using them to bring the most benefit to you when you use them.

You can purchase crystals for yourself to use at home but through clairvoyance, we can help you identify which issues you would like to tackle and choose the right crystal for you and your situation.

What is Past Life Regression?


Past Life Regression is a form of hypnotherapy used to explore your previous lives stored away in your subconscious.

The idea is that as a body dies, the soul remains and is passed on to a new living being which follows the belief of reincarnation. It is accredited as a cause of the feeling of déjà vu where you feel that you recognise a person, a place or situation from before.

Who you were in a past life can have an impact on the person you are today and there are many beneficial reasons for you to explore your past lives.

Relationships and soul mates

A common reason for people to see a clairvoyant is to improve their current relationships or improve their prospects for a relationship in the future. A tarot card reading provides a good level of guidance in this area but Past Life Regression therapy can help to explore it further.

You may be suffering a block in a relationship that can only be explained by something that happened to you in a past life. It may be that your soul hasn’t moved on from a past relationship or it uses that past relationship as the measuring stick against your relationships in your current life.

If you ever wonder if your current partner is your soul mate, this therapy can potentially show you a previous life where you and your current partner had some kind of close relationship before which can help to reinforce the strength of your relationship and the belief that you were destined to be together.

Improve your well-being and overcome your fears

In your previous life, you may have suffered an unfortunate circumstance or fate. These can often explain why you might have a particular fear or dislike of a certain thing or place.

If in a past life you were drowned, that may explain your fear of water, if you were trapped somewhere in a past life, it can explain your fear of confined spaces.

If you can find the issues in the past that cause you to fear certain things then this therapy offers you a chance to confront it and lay it to rest. More.

Look to the future

It isn’t all about looking into the past to improve the present, it can also prepare you for the future too.

Through Karma, if you find that your past lives have been filled with good deeds, you can expect to be rewarded in this life. If you don’t feel as though you have been rewarded yet, you can be sure there is a reward coming in your future for you to look forward to.

Sometimes the therapy won’t bring up something that occurred in a past life but is instead a metaphor or symbol to be interpreted by a therapist.

These interpretations may provide guidance on relationships, careers and many other important aspects of life.

Be aware that it is unlikely you will be able to demand to look at specific issues or times when releasing your subconscious but one of our clairvoyants will be asking you questions that might help you to unlock the visions of the past you want to see.

While it is not strictly a clairvoyance practice, our trusted psychics are trained in Past Life Regression therapy and are on hand to help get you started on the road to a healthier physical, mental and spiritual state.


How can Meditation help me?


Meditation is an extremely common exercise that is practised globally. Not only can meditation reduce stress levels, blood pressure and general anxiety. Furthermore, meditation can help clear the mind and provide greater clarity that can help increase psychic abilities and spiritual health.

Many use meditation as a way to enhance their own psychic abilities and improve their communication with the spiritual world.

By sharpening focus and improving clarity, trusted psychics and gifted clairvoyants have found mediation to be a useful exercise. Looking for psychic protection? (more…)

How to see Your Auras

Your Aura

Everybody has an aura that is a subtle atmosphere of energy that surrounds you. Natural clairvoyants and trusted psychics are capable of seeing a persons’ aura naturally, however for others, it requires regular training to see your own aura.

The process to detect your aura and others around you is simpler than you think. If you’re looking to further develop your own psychic abilities, meditation is a great method to help focus your mind when it comes to practicing clairvoyance. (more…)

How psychics can help build your self esteem?

tarot and self esteem


Most people at some point in their life will have struggled with self-esteem issues and everybody handles it in a different way. Some get past it but for others, it is a problem that either never leaves or returns again at some point in the future.


Understanding The Elements in Astrology

The Four Elements in Astrology and Their Meanings

Each zodiac sign belongs to a specific element that helps gives us a deeper understanding of Astrology.

With each element, we can further determine our positive traits and how to address negative ones. The four elements are tied with the ruling planet of your zodiac sign. Find out more. (more…)

Zodiac Signs and Understanding Your Ruling Planet

Your Zodiac Sign Has a Ruling Planet – What is Yours?

Astrology and horoscopes focus on studying the movement of the stars and planets in our solar systems. The meanings and definitions created have roots traced back to various Roman, Greek and Babylonian mythology.

Within astrology, each star sign has specific strengths, weaknesses and traits. The zodiac sign has a ruling planet is the source of our power and can help provide you with further information about yourself and personality. Understand your star sign personality. (more…)