Aura Colours and Their Meanings


Aura Colours and Their Meanings

Your aura is an energy that surrounds you. The colour of your aura is reflective on a number of aspects that can include your thoughts and feelings.

At, our gifted clairvoyants and trusted psychics are capable of seeing the auras of those around them, including their own. By beginning to train yourself to see your own aura, you may notice that your colour is different from others.

What are the meanings of each Aura Colour?

Everyone has a predominant colour in their own aura. Each colours representing different emotions, feelings and mental state of health. The main aura colours include:

Red Aura Meaning

The red aura colour is closely associated with leadership, action and energy. If you notice you or someone else has a red aura, it’s a sign of competitiveness and the signs of a strong mental, emotional and spiritual person.

Orange Aura Meaning

Having orange aura energy around you is closely associated with good health and confidence. It further indicates that you feel optimistic about yourself and that you’re currently living life to its fullest potential.

Yellow Aura Meaning

A yellow aura indicates that you’re spiritually inspired or you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. It can also mean that you’re experiencing high creativity, gregariousness and mental agility.

White Aura Meaning

White aura colours can mean purity or newness. This is closely associated with highly spiritual people who have achieved spiritual evolution and a connection with the divine.

Green Aura Meaning

A green aura is associated with people who are closely connected with nature. It indicates that the person is kind and peaceful and recognises the need for harmony. Green is usually recognised as the colour of the heart.

Purple Aura Meaning

Noticing purple aura energy indicates that the person is someone who displays a psychic ability and offers a spiritual purpose. They can achieve glimpses into other spiritual realms and offer unique visions and perception.

Pink Aura Meaning

Compassion and affection are closely associated with pink aura energy. Whether you’ve fallen in love with a hobby or another person, it’s common for a significant amount of pink to begin to appear in your aura.

Blue Aura Meaning

A blue aura is an indication that you could or do display high levels of spiritual intuitive or clairvoyant. It can be likely that those with blue auras could be a clairsentient or a clairaudient too. Find out more about seeing your aura here.