Abilities: How can I develop my psychic abilities?

No matter how natural your psychic abilities may feel, they can always be worked on and refined. Our Psychic readers use the following methods to develop their psychic abilities.

Let your intuition guide you in all things: Acknowledge the odd feelings and urges you feel. Recognize the various energies that affect you throughout the day- and write them down!


Set aside time each day to escape the noise and distractions that drain you spiritually. Open your mind and try not to control what comes with the silence; welcome and absorb it.

Practice your abilities by communicating with spirits

Speak to a psychic and enjoy a psychic reading; this will give you an introduction to the setting that should be arranged for effective communication. Once you’re comfortable with the process, try it out yourself.

Be patient

You may be scared, or nervous. Don’t worry, over time, as you develop your skills as a psychic, you’ll be better able to control the way you communicate with the other side.

It’s important to do sufficient research, and familiarise yourself with psychic readers; with modern technology, it is easier than ever to associate yourself with experienced psychic readers and their methods.