How can Meditation help me?


Meditation is an extremely common exercise that is practised globally. Not only can meditation reduce stress levels, blood pressure and general anxiety. Furthermore, meditation can help clear the mind and provide greater clarity that can help increase psychic abilities and spiritual health.

Many use meditation as a way to enhance their own psychic abilities and improve their communication with the spiritual world.

By sharpening focus and improving clarity, trusted psychics and gifted clairvoyants have found mediation to be a useful exercise. Looking for psychic protection?

What different forms of Meditation are there?

 At, our handpicked team of clairvoyants, psychics and psychic mediums use a number of meditation types to achieve the best results for them. Different forms of meditation include:

  • Buddhist Meditation. The practice of meditation in Buddhism focuses on mental development and mental training that focuses on calming the mind. It can focus on simply observing the inhalation and exhalation of your breathing.
  • Focused Meditation. This meditation technique involves focusing on an object that can help keep you focused throughout your meditation. Many can find meditation challenging, especially when it comes to clearing the mind, but when focusing on one object, it can gradually become easier.
  • Guided Meditation. Guided meditations are becoming increasingly popular due to the accessibility of mobile apps. Guided meditation is listening to a pre-recorded instructor who guides you throughout your meditation session.
  • Listening Meditation. This type of meditation encourages you to focus on the sounds around you. It’s a powerful meditation technique that helps connect with the natural openness of awareness around you.
  • Visualisation Meditation. With this meditation technique, it involves clearing the mind and focusing on your breathing. You begin to generate an image or an idea in your mind and begin to visualise yourself being in that particular place you’ve envisioned.

Daily psychic meditation has proven to help develop psychic abilities. It can help awaken psychic abilities if you believe that you may be clairaudient or clairsentient sensitive.

By developing your own psychic abilities, you’ll be able to get more out of a psychic reading. Furthermore, it can provide you with further clarity when it comes to exploring supernatural events such as a déjà vu experience.

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