How to see Your Auras

Your Aura

Everybody has an aura that is a subtle atmosphere of energy that surrounds you. Natural clairvoyants and trusted psychics are capable of seeing a persons’ aura naturally, however for others, it requires regular training to see your own aura.

The process to detect your aura and others around you is simpler than you think. If you’re looking to further develop your own psychic abilities, meditation is a great method to help focus your mind when it comes to practicing clairvoyance.

Learning to see your Aura

Our aura is layered in seven layers. These layers include; etheric body, emotional body, mental body, astral layer, etheric template, celestial body and ketheric template.

Step One

The first step in seeing your aura is getting yourself comfortable in a chair. It’s important that you aren’t sitting in direct sunlight nor have any artificial light on you. You should be facing a plain wall that hasn’t got any pictures of decorations that could distract you.

Furthermore, you should look to centre yourself before continuing further. Ensure that you’re not feeling anxious or worried about any external factors. You can also begin to understand psychic protection that helps protect your own energy from negative sources.

Step Two

Once you’ve gotten comfortable, you should begin to raise your right arm, making sure the back of your hand is facing you. Once you’ve raised your arm, look between the space between your fingers and the wall.

Don’t look at either of them and allow your eyes and mind to relax. This stage may take several minutes before you can move into step three.

Step Three

Gradually, you should begin to see a fuzzy grey or a blurred white outline around your fingers. You are now beginning to see your natural aura around you.

The longer you continue to stare at the space between your fingers and the wall, the likely you are in seeing the colour change around you. You should be able to see the colour change blue.


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