Single? No problem!

Being single is not a bad thing, no matter what you have been through, how old you are, or any other reasons you may have for being single!

There are so many different reasons why a person may be single. Just because a recent or long-standing situation has put you into the ‘single’ status, does not mean that you are a ‘reject.’ Looking at yourself in this light is unnecessary and damaging to your self esteem, future relationships and confidence.

Being single is an opportunity. Use this precious time to explore yourself and develop as an individual. Don’t rush into a relationship-the best is yet to come. you deserve only the best, and should settle out of fear of being single. Be patient and you will be happy!

Accept your present conditions as they are, embrace them. Your spirit guides can show you signs as to whether or not you are on the right track. Appreciate those who are in your life, such as your family and friends. And use this short space of time to strengthen your relationship with those who mean the most to you.

Remember, that you are not alone! Embrace this opportunity and know that there are many wonderful people out there!

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