Zodiac Signs and Understanding Your Ruling Planet

Your Zodiac Sign Has a Ruling Planet – What is Yours?

Astrology and horoscopes focus on studying the movement of the stars and planets in our solar systems. The meanings and definitions created have roots traced back to various Roman, Greek and Babylonian mythology.

Within astrology, each star sign has specific strengths, weaknesses and traits. The zodiac sign has a ruling planet is the source of our power and can help provide you with further information about yourself and personality. Understand your star sign personality.


The Sun – Leo

If you’re born under the star sign of Leo, you may find you have an incredible intensity and a consistent of drive and personality. You’re bright and vibrant too, and bring a sense of warmth to everyone around you.

mercuryMercury – Virgo & Gemini

Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in our solar system. Because of this, you are good at dealing with information and display more intelligence than others. You’re observant and can quickly communicate what you are thinking and feeling.

Venus – Libra & Taurus

Venus is the muse for us all. It’s the planet that rules love, beauty and art. Libra and Taurus both share this ruling planet and both are able to develop strong relationships with those around them and other forms of art. 

The Moon – Cancer

The moon is closely associated with human emotion and lean towards putting the needs of others before your own. Because of this, you may display a tough exterior, but in the inside, you’re a sensitive individual.

Mars – Aries

Are you a driven and determined individual? This is because your star sign is ruled by Mars. You are assertive and display fantastic, energetic characteristics when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams.

Jupiter – Sagittarius

Sagittarians enjoy gambling and testing their luck and for good reason too, Jupiter is the source of their good fortune. It’s an opportunistic planet that provides great optimism and confidence in your abilities to achieve.

Saturn – Capricorn

Limits and lessons stem from Saturn. Capricorns are serious and hardworking and strongly believe in karma. They operate freely in the boundaries of social convention but maintain a stern, focused distance from others.

Uranus – Aquarius

Rebellious, creative and eccentric. Aquarians is imaginative and refuses to conform. They have the urge to continue to learn more and find them bored quickly. Whilst every other planet spins on its vertical axis, Uranus spins on a horizontal axis.

Neptune – Pisces

Day-dreamers and strong imagination are heavily associated with Neptune. You’re deeply compassionate and refuse to live in one reality. You don’t want to accept limitations and find yourself lost in your own world.   

Pluto – Scorpio

Ruled by a passion to uncover the truth in any situation, Scorpios focus on transformation and evolving. You have a passion to uncover secrets and find yourself evolving based on your discoveries.  

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