What is Click 2 Call?

Click2Call is a fantastic new service that simplifies having to call on a specific number for the service you want to connect to.

Put simply, enter your phone number, select your booking credit and the reader you’d like to speak to (or have a randomly selected reader), and we will call you back on your phone. That’s it, simply click a button, and we’ll call you!

How does Click 2 Call work?

  1. Select a readerEither view a reader’s profile and click on the ‘Click 2 Call’ sidebar button, or select a reader from the dropdown list above.
  2. Select a booking creditIf you have credit available, your references will appear in the dropdown. You can always add more at any time by clicking the link.
  3. Let us call you!That’s all there is to it! Click ‘Lets go!’ and we’ll call you back on the number you gave. If you selected a reader, we’ll instantly connect you to them.
2016-07-21T13:22:57+00:00 - Updated: July 21, 2016