Psychic & Clairvoyant Glossary | Read and Understand All Psychic Terms

Understand The World of Clairvoyance and Psychics is the spiritual hub for a wealth of trusted psychics, natural clairvoyants and the best mediums. We’ve put together an in-depth glossary that covers popular psychic and clairvoyant terms.

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Astrology – This is a system where psychics use the movements of the planets through the constellations to predict human characteristics, tendencies and events. Understand more.

Automatic Writing – This is a process where someone writes through their subconscious mind. They don’t do so with conscious thought, with whatever written guided from their unknown subconscious.


Celestial – Pertaining to the sky or heavens.

Channelling – Receiving various information from an outside source.

Clairaudience – Being able to perceive sounds which are not normally audible.

Clairsentience – The ability to know an event, past, present or future via a feeling.

Clairvoyance – Is an extrasensory perception of something beyond the five traditional senses. This is a unique ability that enables a clairvoyant to access information using the sense of sight. This also includes external visions or internal images.


Déjà vuThis is a unique feeling that you’ve experienced something before.

DivinationThis is to foretell or use a prophecy to tell the future using the occult arts.


ESPThis stands for Extra Sensory Perception. It means perception beyond the normal senses.   


FeynessIs the possession of various magical qualities; the ability to see the future. This can often be accompanied by an otherworldly air.

Fortune TellingThis is a common term for the ability to foretell the future, with it commonly done so with the use of a crystal ball.


Hiero – Scripting with an automatic painting or drawing. The graphic version of automatic writing.

Healer – This is someone who is skilled in the art of healing, whether physical or emotional. Learn more.


Intuitive – This is the act of learning, knowing, acting or perceiving with the use of intuition.

I Ching – Chinese numerological system-based on hexagrams akin to astrology. This is a theme that all things run their course and change is immutable.

Incorporeal – This is having no body or form; having no physical body.


Medium – This is someone who channels energy by relaying information from an outside source. Home to the best mediums.

Mantra – A mantra is a sacred syllable or word that is repeated in meditation or prayer. This is commonly used in religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism.

Meditation – This is a form or act of meditating. Meditation is a close or continued thought, revolving around a particular subject in your mind.

Whether its serious contemplation, reflection or visualisation, meditating involves focusing on a subject. Mantras are used during meditation along with visualisations that aim to cause a positive change in one’s life.

Mystic – This is a direct communication of the soul with God and/or Nature; or relating to mysteries or esoteric rites.


Numerology – A system where a natural psychic or clairvoyant uses numbers derived from a person’s name and birth date to determine personal characteristics.

It also involves studying karmic lessons from past lives and can be used by a gifted clairvoyant or trusted psychic to predict at what periods during that person’s life those issues will be most prominent.

Psychic & Clairvoyant Glossary | Read and Understand All Psychic Terms


Palmistry – This is the art of telling fortunes from the liners, patterns and markings on the palms of an individual’s hands.

Paranormal – This is a supernatural event that cannot be scientifically explained.

Portend – This is to give an omen or anticipatory sign of; to indicate or signify something.

Precognition – This involves seeing ahead in time, a type of premonition of an event or something that will occur in the future.

Prediction – A prediction is a prophecy, foretelling or forecasting something in the near or distant future.

Premonition – This is a forewarning or anticipation of a certain without the use of conscious reasoning. A previous notice or warning of what is to come.

Prophesy – This is to predict a future event under the influence of divine guidance.

Psyche – The psyche is the spirit, soul or mind of something.

Psychometry – Is an ancient process that enables the clairvoyant or psychic to extract divine knowledge from an object that is connected with another.

Psychokinesis – This is a supernatural ability to move objects and interact with the world with the mind.


Remote Viewing – This is being able to see, describe a person, place or thing without being in their or its presence.

Reiki Healing

Rune Stones – This is a method using an object, such as stone, wood or clay that’s inscribed with letters from an ancient Nordic alphabet. Runestones are used to predict the outcome of specific events, used by trusted psychics and gifted clairvoyants who can be trained in the interpretation of runes.


Santeria – Santeria is an African-based religion that shares similarities to voodoo. It combines the worship of traditional Yoruban deities with the worship of Roman Catholic saints.

Selenology – This is a branch of astronomy that deals with the moon.

Spirit Guide – A spirit guide’s role is to advise you on your journey in life. Natural clairvoyants and trusted psychics are able to use various supernatural methods to communicate the message you’re on and what you can do to influence change.


Telekinesis – This is the ability to move objects without physical contact.

Telepathy – Telepathy is communication to one another through an individual’s mind.

Trans-Medium Channel – A consciousness of another that can be used and harnessed to communicate through that person.


Warlock – A warlock is a word used to describe a male witch.

Wicca – A polytheistic Neo-Page nature religion inspired by various pre-Christian western European beliefs. The central deity is a mother goddess and includes the use of herbal magic and benign witchcraft.

Witch – A witch is a word used to describe a female who is a believer or follower of Wicca.


Zodiac – Imaginary area in the heavens centred on the ecliptic encompassing the apparent paths of all the planets except Pluto. It is divided into 12 constellations or signs that are very familiar. Discover more.

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